Prayer Requests

Prayer RequestsPrayer Requests

By making prayer requests here, All Souls commits to pray with you, and God has already heard your prayer.

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Requested Prayers

Please include the following in your prayers:


  • For Rich Spangler

    Prayers for Rich Spangler, who is continuing his recovery. Prayers for Ben who has been a tower of strength for Rich.

  • For Rich Sweigart

    Prayers for Rich Sweigart, requested by Ben. Rich is facing another surgery on his neck. He will have to have additional testing done prior to the surgery to ensure his heart is strong enough for the surgery. Prayers of strength to both Richard Sweigart and Richard Erb.

  • For Mary Hanley

    Prayers for Mary Hanley, requested by Joan. Continued prayers for Joan's mom as she has suffered a setback in her health. Prayers for Joan's sister who is taking care of Mary and prayers for the rest of the family as they try and make decisions that are in Mary's best interests.

  • For Christopher Hoster's Aunt

    Prayers for Christopher Hoster's aunt, requested by Geert. She is experiencing medical issues. Prayers for health and well-being.

  • For the World

    Prayers for the world, requested by Robert. Hoping that the real reason of this blessed holiday season does not get muddied by the commercialization of the season.

  • For Alexandra Rojas

    Prayers for Alexandra Rojas, requested by Stephanie Rojas. Aly's court date is December 15th for her SSDI. Praying and hoping she wins her court case. Roxy is being trained as a service dog to help her.

  • For Mut

    Val gives thanks that her dog, Mut, was able to have lifesaving surgery and he is home and recovering.

You Are Not Alone!

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