Prayer Requests

Prayer RequestsPrayer Requests

By making prayer requests here, All Souls commits to pray with you, and God has already heard your prayer.

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Requested Prayers

Please include the following in your prayers:


  • For Wanda Colon

    Prayers for Wanda Colon, requested by Kimmie. Wanda has again been diagnosed with breast cancer. This time it is stage IV and is terminal. She can try conventional treatment but that itself could kill her. She is going to try holistic and spiritual treatment first. If that doesn’t help, she will do conventional treatment. Prayers of courage and strength for Wanda.

  • For the soul of Tracey Truesdale

    Prayers for the soul of Tracey Truesdale and comfort for the Truesdale and Thomas families, requested by Donna. Tracey passed very suddenly at the age of 50.

  • For Gary Reynolds

    Prayers for Gary Reynolds, requested by Jerry. Gary is in the process of relocating back to New York and we all wish the move goes smoothly for him and blessings to him for a happy life back in New York. Gary is also facing some health issues. Prayers for good test results.

  • For Brenda Henne

    Prayers for Brenda Henne and family, requested by Richard. Brenda lost her husband and the father of her 3 children.

  • For the soul of Randy Light

    Prayers for the soul of Randy Light, requested by Wendy. Randy passed away on January 27th of brain cancer at the age of 54. Randy was a friend and schoolmate of Wendy and he will be missed.

  • For the Gabriel/Acevedo Family

    Prayers for the Gabriel/Acevedo Family, requested by Kim and Richard. The mother/grandmother is in the hospital and not doing well.

  • For the soul of Nelson Delp

    Prayers for the soul of Nelson Delp, for the Delp family and for Mary Ann Brunner, requested by Kimmie. Nelson passed away on Monday, January 15th. Kimmie’s mom, Mary Ann and his family are dealing with his death the best they can.

  • For Lindsay Ferrante

    Continued prayers for Lindsay Ferrante, Wendy’s cousin, who is now home and recovering from a heart attack she suffered in December.

  • For Dave Arndt and family

    Prayers for Dave Arndt and family, requested by Jerry. Dave is having job and financial problems and his home is in need of repairs.

  • For Richard Sweigart and Richard Erb

    Prayers for Richard Sweigart and Richard Erb, requested by their All Souls family. Richard Sweigart is now home and recovering from his surgery. Prayers of strength for Richard Erb.

  • For the Wagner Family

    Prayers for the Wagner Family, requested by Richard Wagner. Richard is mourning the sudden passing of his Aunt Betty. She left behind her husband Denny and two daughters. May she rest in peace.

  • For the deceased mother of Shawn Silver

    Prayers for the deceased mother of Shawn Silver, who he feels was unjustly murdered and the person who did it got away.

  • For Mike Lauter

    Prayers for Mike Lauter, requested by Henry. Mike underwent surgery for thyroid cancer.

  • For Matthew Carden

    Prayers for Matthew Carden, requested by Wendy. Matt is facing possible open-heart surgery and he is only in his mid-forties. Angioplasty has not helped him.

  • For Brenda

    Prayers for Brenda, Val’s sister. Brenda has to travel to Philadelphia to attend the trial of the people who murdered her daughter. Prayers for strength for Brenda and her family.

  • For Robert

    Prayers for Robert to find full time employment

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