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5th Anniversary Celebration Pot Luck!
Saturday, September 13 – 6 pm
Homecoming Sunday!
Sunday, September 14 – 1 pm
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Worship/Holy Eucharist
1:00 PM 
Sunday, August 17

Worship Committee Meeting
8:30 PM August 25 2008
Heritage Room

Worship/Holy Eucharist
1:00 PM 
Sunday, August 24
*Children’s Ed

Worship/Holy Eucharist
1:00 PM 
Sunday, August 31
*Children’s Ed

This Week
Setup/Clean Up
Greeter Bob B.
Lay Assistant Joan
Chalicer Rusty
Celebrant Fr. Henry
1st Reading Jay B.
Music Geert
2nd Reading Wendy
Prayers Rich Sp.
Counter/Teller Wendy/Henry

Want to serve as a participant?  All volunteers welcome!  To see openings & how to volunteer – please click on the ROTA links below.  

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Hospitality this week
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Val & Danny

Those scheduled to bring something to share after worship are those who’s last names begin with:                    


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August 24: S-Z
August 31: ALL
September 7: A-C
A Welcoming Family of Faith!
Weekly Newsletter
August 13, 2014
God continues to work through and within All Souls.  We are so grateful for His Grace and for our All Souls family.   Be sure to check out this weeks e-newsletter – especially our upcoming Homecoming Weekend, some changes to our Community Concerns, and the nominating committee.
Have a blessed week!

This weeks readings:

Take time to mediate on God’s word and prepare for worship this Sunday.

Isaiah 56: 1, 6-8
Psalm 67
Romans 11: 1-2a, 28-32
Matthew 15: 21-28
Isaiah 56:1

Thus says the LORD:
Maintain justice, and do what is right,
for soon my salvation will come,
and my deliverance be revealed.
When we think about God, we often think about God being “fair”. That is to say, we often believe that everyone gets the same thing. The problem is, when we look at the stories in the scriptures, we often see just the opposite. Jacob, the younger, is chosen over his older brother Esau. David is chosen as king over his older brothers. God chooses a poor virgin Mary to be the mother of Jesus. Paul, the great apostle, starts out as a Christian-killing Pharisee. It would seem that God’s concern is not with fairness and equanimity.


Rather, God’s concern is for justice. Everyone doesn’t get the same. Each gets what God determines will fulfill God’s purpose. Talents, skills and abilities are not equally distributed. They are given as needed, when needed, and for whom they are needed. Blessings are distributed similarly. It would seem that God is not interested in fairness, but in what is just.


This is what the prophet proclaims in today’s lesson. It doesn’t read: Maintain equanimity and do what is fair. Rather, the command is: Maintain justice and do what is right! In God’s kingdom, justice and righteousness are the guiding principles.


Holy Lord, you are just and you call us to maintain your justice and do what is right in your eyes. Help me to fulfill your will and purpose in all things. Amen.

Prayer Requests/Community Concerns & Praises  (slight change)

We love sharing our concerns and praises with each other during worship.  It allows us as a family of faith to share our struggles, pray for our needs, and give praise for God’s grace.  We hope that you also take the weekly list of prayer requests from the bulletin and continue to pray over the list during your devotions.

To add to our prayers – we will be doing something new.  We will have prayer request forms in the pews with the offering envelopes.  Please fill this out as your preparing for worship.  Then when its time for Community Concerns; hand these to the clergy who will then place them on the alter to offer them up to God during the prayer time.   This will also allow us to add the new requests and praises to our prayer list.  If you can’t be in worship – please feel free to send prayer requests to be added to our printed list to the church email address.
We will see how this works – and let us know what you think!

Been busy?  Traveling this past summer?  Been away from All Souls for whatever reason for a while?  Welcome come join us for HOMECOMING WEEKEND!  September 13 and 14, 2014.   We hope you will be able to join us for one or both dates!

Saturday, September 13 will be our first potluck of the Fall.  6:00 pm in the Pine Room!  Come one, come all and help us celebrate our 5th Anniversay as a Parish!

Sunday, September 14 is our 1st Annual Homecoming Sunday!  We have had so many people come though our doors in the past – some to visit, some stay until life or circumstances change, and some of our regulars have had some very busy summers with traveling, visiting family, and so forth.   Well everyone is welcome to join us once again, even if its just a visit – we miss you and would love to see you in worship at 1 pm.  Come say hi to friends and family – new and old!


Our Fall Fundraiser for ALL SOULS will be a Yankee Candle Sale.  We are asking all parishioners to help us sell the candles.   You will be able to sell locally to your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors.   Plus you will be able to share a link and sell on line.   More details will be coming soon – but stand by!  Start making of list of potential customers – plus how many candles you can buy as Christmas presents this year….all while helping All Souls at the same time!

Nominating Committee
As announced a nominating committee has been formed to select nominees for openings on the All Souls Board of Directors.     New directors will be elected at the Annual Meeting on November 2.

If you are interested in learning more about whats involved in being a member of the Board of Directors please talk to any current member.  If you are interested in being considered as a candidate, please talk to any one on the nominating committee – Joan, Rusty, or Rich E.


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All Souls worships in the chapel of  Calvary UCC, 640 Centre Ave,  Reading, PA.
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Worship: 1:00 pm every Sunday.  Special services as announced.