THANK YOU so much for all those who attended our Annual Meeting!  It was a joy to see each of you.  Thank you also for your feedback on some of the issue that we asked you think about in terms of calling a pastor, growth, and what you can do for All Souls.   Everyone’s input and opinions are valued and important. THANK YOU!   Lets see where the Spirit leads us in 2015!
Hope you see you soon!   Feel free to pass on your Weekly All Souls Good News to a Friend!  Seeing this for the first time?  Click on “JOIN OUR MAILING LIST” over on the left hand blue column to get this directly to your email.
Blessings! – Jerry

This weeks readings:

Take time to mediate on God’s word and prepare for worship this Sunday.

Book of Solomon 6:12-16

Psalm 70:1-6

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

Matthew  22:34-40

1 Thessalonians 4:18
Then we who are alive, who are left, will be caught up in the clouds together with them to meet the Lord in the air; and so we will be with the Lord forever. Therefore encourage one another with these words.
All of our readings this week reflect back on the fact that we, those that are saved through the acceptance of grace through Jesus Christ have a certain future – that we will be in Heaven with Jesus, worshiping God and eternally a part of his kingdom.     In Psalms we are told to REJOICE over this!  In Thessalonians we are to encourage others with this reminder. And in Matthew, we are told to be prepared for this coming.
So I implore you to REJOICE! BE ENCOURAGED! and BE PREPARED – in the Salvation that Jesus promises.   If you do not know God’s salvation and have not accepted his grace – know that Jesus is knocking and inviting you.   Simply invite him into your life.  If you are already part of God’s saving plan – but have forgotten that joy and peace – then this week make an extra effort rejoice and be encouraged!

Fr. Henry completes Incardination Process in the ECC

Bishop Rick has informed us that one of Assisting Priests, Fr. Henry Pruski has completed his Incardination process into the ECC and that he as been affirmed.

As many of you know Fr. Henry was a Roman Catholic priest for many years.  To be fully licensed in our communion, the ECC – Fr. Henry had to do several things that have taken much time and energy.  We thank Fr. Henry for completing this process and for his continued leading of the liturgy and other leadership as we search for a Pastor.      Mother Linda is also going through this process and as her time and health allows we hope to then have both Assisting Priests fully Incardinated in the ECC.


Have you notices over in the left column that there are a bunch of cool links!  Some go to other website and some open up documents that we change each week.   Take time to click through!

This week, we posted the updated NOVEMBER/DECEMBER ROTA. This is the list of the tasks we need to have performed each week to hold our worship service and fellowship hours.  We are all ministers at All Souls – so each of is called to be an active part of our family.  You can be up at the alter doing a variety of things, speaking or not speaking roles, set up or take down, greeting, hospitality, and more.  Please take time to open the rota and volunteer.  To volunteers, please see BEN or sign the rota at church or call or email him directly – his email is on the rota.  Please let him know what you would like to do AND the date (s) you are available.

ALSO – we update the prayer list each week.  Take time to click on that link and either view and pray for the requests on the list right away – or print it out, put it with your bible and pray over them each day during your meditation time.  We know prayer works, please take time each week or more to lift up All Souls.

New Website:

The Board would like to thank Mike York for converting our former website to a WordPress. This took a lot of work to transfer the information, add links, etc.  Thank you Mike!

Part of the change to WordPress is that that it allows more people to make changes to the website with just some minimal training.  While we will still lean on Mike as our webmaster – having others be able to make updates, changes, and additions will allow these things to happen maybe more quickly.  If you would like to be part of our “online ministry” team – please let Jerry know!

Please note that the actual url name is still the same as the old.  However, the old URL then re-directed your browser to a geocities site (with a different URL). So if you bookmarked the geocities site (or some searches will still bring up the geocities site) – please be sure to book mark the new site with the direct URL.


Consecration of Bishop Elect Francis Krebbs now on You Tube.

This was from the national Synod in Colorado a few weeks ago.

  You may watch it by CLICKING HERE.

Newsletter Item

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church located at W. Windsor and Front Streets are preparing School Kits and Hygiene Kits for distribution to refugee children in Jordan and
All Souls will be collecting these items the next two Sundays – November 9 and 16, and then we will deliver the items to St. Marys.
You may donate a whole kit or simply bring in individual items and then we will combine with others to make the kits.  Please prepare kits with new items only in original packaging and do not add or substitute.

Please bring these items to church as we will collect them and bless them with our offering.