Help Wanted!

At All Souls – everyone is considered part of the ministry of our parish.  This includes our ministries and outreach out side of the church, praying for the concerns of the church that are listed in the bulletin each Sunday (and the Good News newsletter each week), working on the board of  directors, hospitality committee or liturgy committee, and especially each Sunday for our worship services.
Below are two links to our March/April Rota and our May/June Rota.  The rota shows what roles people are playing each week to help make our worship and fellowship time happen and be a blessing to those who attend.   Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate and be active by volunteering to do one or more roles per month.  Somethings are more support roles like Hospitality, Set-up/clean-up, Greeting, Counters, and Tellers.    Others involve serving at the alter such as Lay Assistant & Chalicer or reading the scripture as a lector for the 1st Reading or 2nd Reading, or you can read the prayers of the people from your pew.   Or perhaps you would like to share in our music ministry or children’s ministry!    No matter what you might be interested in doing – try it!  You might like it!  We will review each roll and train you as needed.  And if you do try something new and don’t like it – then try something different!  If you have any questions about the duties, just ask any Board member or who ever you see doing that ministry on any Sunday.   If everyone helps out a couple times a month – then we all can share in the joy of service and of worship.   To sign up for any of these roles, please email Ben Renkus who serves as our “worship coordinator” and makes the rotas.  You can see him after any service and sign up then on the printed rotas, or email him at

 New Board of Directors Officer Wanted

With Fr. Henry now becoming our Pastor.  We also have a position open on the Board of Directors.  This person would finish the current term of office, which goes through November 2017.   Once the new person is identified, we would have a board organization meeting to determine positions, so the person would not have necessarily take on the same office which Fr. Henry had, which was Jr. Vice President.  During the reorganization, all offices would be possible.    If you have questions about serving on the Board of Directors, please see Jerry Schearer or any other board member.         You must be a member in good standing and be willing to attend board meetings once a month and provide leadership to other areas of the parish ministry.  ALL ARE WELCOME!