they left everything, and they followed HIM!

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February 4, 2016
Lent is here – make plans to join us for Ash Wednesday service and start your Lenten meditation with All Souls.
We are expanding our “themed potlucks” this month.  See below for information about our “International Dinner” coming up February 20.
Please take the time to read the articles and information in this week’s “GOOD NEWS” including clicking on our prayer list and pray for the requests there. Feel free to forward this newsletter to a family member or friend, or share it on your facebook page or twitter by using the “like” and “share” icons at the top of the page.

This weeks readings and question of the week:
Take time to mediate on God’s word and prepare for worship this Sunday.  And as you meditate on them, consider the Question of the Week:

How willing are we to respond to God’s daily call and how quickly will I respond:  Here I am, Lord, send me as your messenger?
Luke 5: 5-11
….Simon said in reply,  “Master, we have worked hard all night and have caught nothing, but at your command I will lower the nets.”  When they had done this, they caught a great number of fish and their nets were tearing.  They signaled to their partners in the other boat to come to help them.   They came and filled both boats so that the boats were in danger of sinking.  When Simon Peter saw this, he fell at the knees of Jesus and said, “Depart from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man.”  For astonishment at the catch of fish they had made seized him and all those with him, and likewise James and John, the sons of Zebedee, who were partners of Simon. Jesus said to Simon, “Do not be afraid; from now on you will be catching men.”  When they brought their boats to the shore, they left everything and followed him.
The story of the church is reflected to some degree in this story itself. When Jesus calls, Peter is hesitant and thinks that what Jesus asks of him is both unnecessary and too demanding. Nevertheless, Peter responds, and he discovers that life has a surprise in store for him. By doing what Jesus asks him to do, he experiences an epiphany of God.
God often becomes manifest in the ordinary, even seemingly unnecessary events of a person’s life — events which nevertheless are in accord with some purpose that is or is not known. Throughout history the church has continued to exist and carry on its ministry in spite of the tenuous responses of its members. The ancient image of the church as a fisherman’s boat tossed about on the sea, but sustained by the presence of the living Lord, is appropriate in every age.
Wednesday, February 10 – 7:00 pm; Chapel

Start your Lenten meditation with Ash Wednesday service.
Mark your calendar, we hope you can join us.


At All Souls, we are ALL MINISTERS!  We welcome everyone to participate in the ministry of all Souls.  Besides our periodic outreach ministry opportunities – we also have ways you can be part of our ministry each week.

If you can come early, we need help setting up each Sunday or clean up after the service.  Hospitality, reading scriptures, greeting, sharing musical talent, helping with children education, and even helping provide rides for individuals or families that need a ride to or from the church.  You don’t have to do these things every week – but even if you volunteer once or twice a week – that would be great!

We will also be doing a training course for those wanting to explore being a Lay Assistant later this spring.

You can click on the ROTA links to the left to see where we have current openings for various Sundays.  Or talk to Ben Renkus or any board member about how you can get more involved in the ministry of All Souls.

Saturday, February 20 – 6:00 pm – Pine Room

All Souls wants to celebrate our family of diversity!    Prepare your favorite food to showcase your cultural heritage!    Or bring your favorite fare from around the globe!
If you can, print out some information about the particular food and/or cultural heritage highlighted by what you bring!
Sharing food and knowledge – while enjoying the fellowship of your All Souls family!  We hope you can join us!  Mark it in your calendar today!

Reminder about Winter Weather:

Just a reminder that if service is cancelled this weekend or anytime this winter  – we do put a notice on WFMZ-TV / Channel 69.  We will also post on our All Souls Website and send out an email via Constant Contact.  Of course these only work if the electricity is on.  If you are still unsure, you can call the church phone @ 610-621-1738 – again, if we are able to, we will update the message if service is cancelled or not.

OF COURSE – ALWAYS USE YOUR BEST JUDGMENT AND INDIVIDUAL CIRCUMSTANCES TO DECIDE IF YOU FEEL SAFE TRAVELING.   Depending on where you live – you may have more snow or ice (or vice-versa).  We also take into account if Calvary has had time to shovel and/or plow the sidewalks and parking lots.   We will make this judgement call no later than 11 am on Sunday – earlier if possible.


We had a great January Pot Luck Game Night.  We had rousing round of UNO!

Please make plans to join us for our remaining Winter/Spring Pot  Lucks!
February 20
March 12
April 16
If you have ideas for future pot luck activities – please let anyone on the board know your ideas!!!!
Jay and Jasmine have volunteered to take over as Hospitality Coordinators! Wendy, Val and Danny will assist them but we still need other volunteers to help out. If you would like to help out with our hospitality ministry before and/or after service please see Jay, Jasmine or Wendy.
We can still use some help with transportation ministry as well.  If your willing to pick up parishioners from time to time and bring them to church, please let Jerry know.  This is a great way to build friendships – its amazing how you can get to know someone or a family with a short 10 minute drive.

How are you doing answering this  past week’s 
question of the week? 
By summarizing Jesus’ teaching and example, Paul’s “Canticle of Love” provides an examination of conscience:  Is my love for others patient and kind, not jealous or pompous?  Is it not self-seeking or quick-tempered?  Does it not brood over injury or rejoice over wrongdoing?  Does it rejoice with truth?  Does it bear, believe, hope, and endure all things?