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June 17, 2016
Peace to you Brothers and Sisters –
Many of us are still working through hurt, pain, fear, and other emotions from last Sunday’s tragedy in Orlando, FL at the Pulse Night club.   We will be having a Mass of Remembrance this week.   Please join your All Souls family in prayer and hope.
We hope to see you Saturday for our final pot luck of the year on Saturday, June 18. See below for our theme and more information!  And PRIDE season is here. See below for some community events coming in June and July for our LGBT Community and Allies.
 Don’t forget about our new addition to our weekly newsletter -LINKS to Sunday’s hymns.   When possible we will try to put any new hymns we are singing in the GOOD NEWS.  So in addition to knowing and reading this weeks scriptures you can also preview the hymns and be more prepared to sign.  MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE!!!!  These links are in the left column toward the bottom of the newsletter.
Please take the time to read the articles and information in this week’s “GOOD NEWS” including clicking on our prayer list and pray for the requests listed there.
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This weeks readings and question of the week:
Take time to mediate on God’s word and prepare for worship this Sunday.  And as you meditate on them, consider the Question of the Week:   As today’s Gospel confronts me with the question of who Jesus is for me, to whom will I become an instrument of Jesus’ love?

 Zechariah 12:10-11; 13:1
 Galations 3:26-29
 Galations 3:26-29
Brothers and sisters:
Through faith you are all children of God in Christ Jesus.
For all of you who were baptized into Christ
have clothed yourselves with Christ.
There is neither Jew nor Greek,
there is neither slave nor free person,
there is not male and female;
for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
And if you belong to Christ,
then you are Abraham’s children,
heirs according to the promise. 
These verses pair groupings or concepts that separate people and keep them divided and sometimes at war with each other. Paul shows racial differences (Greek and Jew); religious differences (circumcised and uncircumcised); cultural differences (barbarian and Scythian); social differences (slave and free); and finally sexual difference (male and female).
These are in no way all the differences that divide humanity, but they give enough of a representation for God to make His point. He makes it clear that we cannot be united to Him and separated from our brother at the same time. To do something for or against a brother is to do it to Christ (Matthew 25:31-46). Because we, as brethren, are “in” Christ and He “in” us, we are one organism. John says if a man does not love his brother, he does not love God (I John 4:20)! This is serious business. We must be one with both.
The person who is truly converted is motivated, guided, inspired, led by, yielding to, and empowered by the radiant energy flowing from Christ, who lives and works in Him. It is almost as if Christ and His converted brethren are driven together because they share the same nature

JUNE POT LUCK:  Saturday, June 18  –
Good ‘Ole Summertime!

Our last potluck before the summer break will be on Saturday, June 18th at 6:00 PM.  Please join us for great food and great fellowship!
Our theme will be  the Good ‘Ole Summertime!   Wear you favorite cool summertime outfit, bring your sunglasses, and share a favorite summer time story or family tradition – or both!
We will be hosting families from Family Promise this night.

LGBTQ 50+ Coffee Group

Wednesday, June 22
9:00 am – 11:00 am
2nd Floor Conference Room
40 N 9th Street
Reading, PA 19601
Free off street parking

Reading Pride Interfaith Service 
July 9th, 7:00 PM 
All Souls will be hosting the Reading Pride Interfaith Service this year.  The Service will be held in Calvary’s main sanctuary and a light fellowship hour will be held after the service down in the Pine Room. There is a sign-up sheet available in the Heritage Room for people who wish to donate desserts. Any donations will be greatly appreciated! 
We hope you can attend!

Help needed for the All Souls Booth at Reading Pride

Reading Pride Celebration  
Sunday, July 17th 
2:00 PM – 6:00 PM 
Centre Park
All Souls will again have a booth at Pride that will include a children’s activity. We will need volunteers to help with the children and to help staff the booth.  You can volunteer for a certain time or spend the whole day! A sign-up sheet is available in the Heritage Room. 
Sunday Service will not be held on July 17.

Ecumenical Catholic Communion Synod – Parish Representatives sought

Every other year, the ECC holds a Synod, a type of National meeting.   We can send up to 4 delegates (two for House of Pastors, two for House of Laity).

The 2016 Holy Synod will be at the American Airlines Training and Conference Center in Fort Worth Texas, October 10-13.  If you are interested in attending please see any member of the Board of Directors for more details.   We need to finalize who is attending soon – as there is some work and research expected of each delegate before the Synod begins to help with the passing of legislation.

Last year we had our first Parish Picnic.  It was great fun and a success and the parish demanded another one!  So we hope you can join us for our 2nd Annual Parish Picnic on Saturday, September 17.  If you would like to take charge of any aspect of the day (kids games; adult games; food arrangement; etc) – we would welcome volunteers!!!!  See any board member today!
Other Fall Dates to save!
Saturday, October 6 – Pot luck
Saturday, November 6 – Annual Meeting
Saturday, December 10 – COOKIE BAKE 

How are you doing answering this  past week’s 
question of the week? 
Which Gospel character am I in my relationships with others, humble sinner or judgmental Pharisee?  How can I reach out in mercy to those spiritually sick and care for those physically afflicted?