LENT Begins 2023

LENT 2023

Dear Michael,

Today (2/22) is Ash Wednesday, when we begin the forty-day season of Lent. I hope you can join us for Ash Wednesday Service at 7:00 pm. Then join us each Sunday for mass as we journey toward our Holy Week and our Easter Vigil.

Below is a link to a 2023 Lenten Calendar. I invite you to read over these 40 Lenten Spiritual Practices that are designed to encourage us to draw closer in our relationship with God, both as individuals and as a community wherever and whenever we might gather.

I pray that these suggestions do not become a “laundry list” of to-do items. The goal is not “check” them off as the days in Lent pass by hoping that we might then become more religious. They are an invitation to broaden, deepen and open our awareness of God’s presence in our everyday lives and of others. May the season be for each one of us a time of growth and renewal.


Fr. Henry and the Board of Directors

All Souls ECC

All Souls Church | Worshiping in the Chapel at, 640 Centre Ave, Reading, PA 19601

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