All Souls Sunday / Annual Meeting

Please join us for our FEAST DAY!  November 2, 2014
As ALL SOULS Church, we celebrate our feast day each year on All Souls Sunday.
 Hope to see you there!!!
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All Saints Weekend
& Annual Meeting
Please join us for a very special SundayNovember 2 – when we celebrate the Feast Day of All Souls Church on All Saints Weekend.   All are welcome to join us for this special celebration.  Please read more details below.    Blessings!

Remembering Our Loved Ones – Submit Names to be Read

Part of All Souls Sunday is to remember our loved ones – family and friends – who have passed before us.  These names will be read during the service.  Sunday, October 26 is the last day to let us know whom you would like remembered.  If you can’t make it to worship this Sunday, then please feel free to email the names by this Sundayto

Annual Meeting to follow Worship
After the service, we will have our Annual Meeting.  At this meeting we do a review of the past year, elect members to our Board of Directors, conduct official business, pass a budget, and look to our future.    We do try to keep this as short as possible – but we also think its important to have the time to allow this time of review, vision sharing, and democracy.   To help us prepare for this, some of you have already taken our short survey, but we are still looking for input.  If you have not taken the surveyplease print this out, complete it and drop it in the offering plate this Sunday or email your responses  There are three openings on the Board of Directors, the nominating committee has verified that the following three persons are eligible and willing to run:  Kim Kalbach, Henry Pruski, and Jerry Schearer.

Potluck at Annual Meeting

Our November Potluck is Sunday, November 2 following the worship service.  We will gather downstairs for a time of fellowship and nurturing before the Annual Meeting begins.  We invite you to join us – and if you are able to bring something to contribute  – homemade or store bought, please feel free.   Everything is welcome, nothing is expected.     Please do keep in mind that hot food may get cold by the time it is dropped off before the service until time for pot luck.  So too keep food yummy and everyone safe – feel free to keep dishes light and easy and maybe something that does not have to be kept warm unless you have the means to do so.

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